Green Lotus Yoga

Hello, I’m Lauren. Welcome to my website. I founded Green Lotus Yoga on the belief that yoga is for every body – from the not very flexible to the very flexible. My approach is inclusive and lighthearted, and I teach in Brighton, Horsham and London.

Get in touch to ask me about one-to-one yoga sessions and group yoga classes with me. Giving you extra peace of mind, I’m a Yoga Alliance Professionals registered teacher.

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My truth about teaching yoga

The internet is confettied with positive yoga-themed affirmations, messages of encouragement and stunning acrobatics from some of the planet’s most beautiful and bendiest bodies. There are yoga teachers, from novices to gurus, sharing their knowledge and empowering students to take to their mats in droves. And that’s a wonderful and positive thing. Being a part … Continue reading My truth about teaching yoga

Why choose a Yoga Alliance Professionals registered yoga teacher?

With any type of physical activity, yoga included, there tends to be a healthy and safe way to do it. And then there are all the other ways. We could be talking about something as straightforward and everyday as lifting a heavy cardboard box, to gently swinging your legs up into sarvangasana (that’s shoulder stand … Continue reading Why choose a Yoga Alliance Professionals registered yoga teacher?

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