People Relaxing and Doing Yoga

My love of yoga and the great benefits it has brought me inspired me to train as a teacher. I offer classes, one-to-ones and corporate sessions in Sussex as well as one-to-ones and corporate sessions in London. With a light-hearted and non-judgmental approach, I do everything I can to make sure everybody feels welcome.

Is yoga for you?

Do you want to feel calm, content, confident and energised? If the answer’s yes, then yoga is for you.

Yoga can provide great health benefits – both mental and physical – if you make the commitment to dedicate even just a little of your week to a regular practice.

Modern life is hectic. Family, work and social commitments can easily swamp even the most organised of us.

You might find that making a little space in your day for yoga gives you a little more space in your mind. Suddenly the to-do lists and mounting pressures feel far more manageable – or maybe even less important. All while your body gets stronger, more flexible and healthier.

I believe that yoga is for everyone – not just the supplest and most advanced yogis, like the ones you see doing impressive poses on the internet. Yoga benefits every body, mind and soul.

Find out about my yoga background and style of teaching.

Options to suit you

If you decide that private one-to-one yoga classes will suit you best, you’ll enjoy dedicated teaching time to get exactly what you need from your practice.

Others prefer the feeling of sharing their practice with like-minded souls in a rewarding and judgement-free group yoga class.

Whichever option feels right for you, my aim is to provide an inclusive, uplifting and safe space for you to take time out and explore your potential.

Right now I can only accept yogis aged 18 or over. In time I’ll be working to change that. I choose not to teach yoga to pregnant women because I feel that they deserve to be taught with the added safety and assurance that a pregnancy-trained yoga teacher can provide. That’s not me yet, but I’ll also be working on that in due course.

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