Yoga teacher and style

About Lauren
Lauren has been practicing yoga since 2001 and completed her teacher training in Laxmi File 13-10-2017, 16 53 17Vinyasa Yoga with Sally Parkes. She is as dedicated to progressing in her own practice as she is to teaching her students. This ensures she can really connect with the needs and feelings of the yogis in her class.

Her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Professionals UK certificate (RYT-200) allows her to teach in the UK as well as internationally. This qualification is also registered with The Independent Yoga Network (IYN). Giving you extra peace of mind, Lauren is also affiliated to CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity).

Style of yoga
Lauren’s yoga teacher training focused on styles ranging from the more dynamic Vinyasa to the gentler Hatha with an Iyengar influence, and she has been a student of many other types of yoga. This broad spectrum of knowledge allows her to really fit the sequence to the students – and the energy levels – within the room.

In each class, she offers modifications and options so that everyone has the chance to join in and progress within their own individual practice, at their own pace. Green Lotus Yoga classes are varied, lighthearted and inclusive. And if you book a yoga one-to-one with Lauren, your session will be carefully customised to what you want to get out of your time.

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Your safety
You know your body better than anyone else ever can. This means you are best qualified to tell when something doesn’t feel right. Please always listen to your body. This request applies as much to when you’re practicing yoga as it does in daily life.

Lauren will guide you safely into the postures within the sequences she offers. It is up to you to choose the level that best suits the limitations of your body and fitness on any given day.